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Friday, January 4, 2008

Cardstock VS Photo Paper

Okay, there are two main types of announcements: those done on photo paper and those done on cardstock.

I choose to use 100lb cardstock. Why? I think that the photo paper looks just as great, but I love how durable the cardstock is. I have a two year old that insists on holding every picture we own. Each one of them has a huge crinkle in it from where she pinched it while holding it. Don’t get me wrong, cardstock will also wrinkle too. However, compared to the photo paper I noticed the postcard being more durable. Mainly when you send them out to guests they hold up better in the mail too. Another reason why I choose cardstock is for scrapbooking. I wanted something that would last a lifetime for the person that puts it in the album. For some reason I just became partial to cardstock.

I have done both types of cards and for some reason I always pick the cardstock. For me it just seems more professional when done this way, almost as if it was a professionally produced Hallmark card.

Overall, I choose to go with the 100lb cardstock for the professional feel, durability, and lifetime quality.

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